an interview with evie kemp

an interview with evie kemp

a quick intro into your upbringing?

i was born in england, and am the eldest of 5 children (4 girls, 1 boy). my family moved to nz when i was 14 for my dad’s job, and i’ve been here ever since. i come from a creative home, growing up both my parents were journalists and there was a real emphasis on the arts. at high school, i focused on written subjects with teachers that inspired, which meant i didn’t pursue art then, though i was always making stuff in my own time. after starting a law degree at university, i realised i really wanted to be creative and so quit law and applied to study graphic design. there i ended up specialising in illustration, and teaching myself textile design, so that when i graduated my work was very much a combination of those two things. i slowly built a career from that, selling my designs and applying them to different things which is pretty much what i’m still doing now in one way or another!


 evie kemp.


what was your first piece of art?

my first pieces of art (as an adult!) were printed fabrics from a collection i called “atrophy”, featuring a modern take on hunting scenes, they really cemented my style - sketchy, energetic line and clashing, bold colours but were also quite confronting. they were the first thing i made that i really felt was something new i was putting in to the world.


tell me about your art?

my art is pretty broad, as i go between different styles, mediums and subject. for the last year i’ve been focussing a lot on my “swept under the rug” series which are brightly coloured, woolen, abstracted vaginas. each one is completely individual, they’re both a big statement but also an entirely non-threatening, fun and positive art piece.


Conceived for the 2017 Seed Gallery charity exhibition. "Swept Under The Rug" are original works in wool and an ongoing project.


do you have any advice for people who feel inside them they would love to express themselves in their art but feel like it might be uncomfortable to be seen?

get comfortable with being uncomfortable! giving that advice to myself too. it is totally cringe, and especially as women the idea of getting out there in peoples faces with something people might not like is confronting. but, if you have something to give the world, focus on those people that will love it, the positive conversations it will inspire, and how important it might be to others to see and experience it. the positive always outweighs the negative.


what would people be surprised to know about you?

hmm, i’m not sure about this one as i’m very much an open book. i think perhaps people would be surprised to know just how much black i really wear. or that, i actually hate being the centre of attention so didn’t have a party for my 21st and eloped instead of having to get married in front of people!




what was the happiest moment of your life?

that’s a tough one! i’m not one for grand gestures, i love the really simple things - relaxing with my family, laughing until i cry with my friends, taking my dogs for a lovely walk, going out dancing, or reading a really great book. i love knowing, even on really rubbish days just how many happy moments are still to come.



what does beauty mean to you?

to me, beauty is about reflecting on the outside how you feel on the inside. i always go back to that roald dahl quote “if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” because i honestly believe that. i enjoy wearing make up as self expression, and because it gives me confidence and is fun, but that’s not where beauty comes from.



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 thanks evie! xx


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  • Great article… to me it screams …..the importance of embracing AUTHENTICity!!! Being You being real … I Made up a quote and it reminded me of Evie I will share it…

    “ Do not treat daily dressing as a mandatory chore instead see it as a daily act of art “

    We are as gorgeous as our thoughts and beauty is when your grin shines out and reflects your IN!!!
    Be you … be gorgeous…. be fabulous in the way that is a signature of self .

    Kimberley Crisp

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