5 tips for lush lashes!

5 tips for lush lashes!

Every lash is different but these 5 tips should work for anyone with any type of natural lash.

Lash tip #1: The mascara matters.

Obviously, we are biased but our cruelty-free, vegan, levitate mascara is the best! Why? Because it isn't full of nasty chemicals and won't strip your lashes of their goodness. Levitate also contains coconut oil which is a brilliant conditioner for your lashes, and can help stimulate growth!

We beg you, please skip waterproof mascara whenever possible. The chemical makeup of waterproof mascaras is incredibly drying — imagine applying paint to your hair everyday and what that would do to your hair — the chemicals used to make waterproof mascara are toxic and literally designed not to be removed... you will be tugging and stripping your lashes everyday when removing waterproof mascara. So do yourself a favour and use indigo & iris Levitate mascara 😘


Lash tip #2: Remove mascara Every. Single. Day.

We know that you know…but seriously, take off your mascara! For the sake of your eyesight, skin and your lashes, and no matter how many wines you have had... REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! Leaving any makeup on over night can lead to many different issue with your skin and your lashes will start to dry and fall out! Let your lashes breathe. Leaving on old mascara is a bad habit, it can 'leak' into the follicle at the base of your lash, which can result in styes or worse infections. We are trying to restore eyesight here not damage it!

Lash tip #3: Clean lovingly.

When you do clean your lashes (every day!!) you need to use a product that isn't going to damage your lashes! We love a good oil-based cleanser.  A bit of warm water and cleanser will remove your indigo & iris Levitate mascara smoothly and not tear out your lashes. Whatever you use as long as you’re taking that mascara off each night and not losing lashes, we say, each to their own. Find the cleanser that you love and use it!!

Lash tip #4: Condition those lashes.

So after using the right mascara and removing it with a good cleanser every day you need to think about conditioning your lashes. The great news is, our Levitate mascara already helps with this as our formula includes coconut oil! But it won't do you any harm after you've removed your makeup for the day to add a bit of coconut oil to your lashes to stimulate growth and conditioning. 

Lash tip #5: Top tips for using levitate mascara.

  • Never. Pump. The. Brush.
  • Apply to your bottom lashes first. You'll thank us later. 
  • When you are ready to apply, pull the brush out slowly, while twisting the handle.
  • The brush needs to move through the wiper slowly to ensure there is not too much product coming out.
  • Make sure you don't pull out the brush without actually applying the formula. Otherwise, the product will build on the wiper and brush.
  • If you find the formula is building up around the wiper or too much is coming out each time then use a tissue to wipe the brush clean and wipe around the opening.
  • The coconut oil can start to harden and cause the product to go gluggy. Rolling the tube between your hands to warm it up before use is a quick fix!


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