an interview with zach ready

an interview with zach ready
in this blog, bonnie sits down with one of her closest friends, ex-flatmate and one of the men she admires most. below is a video showcasing zach, morganvin, rapping for this i&i blog. zach is a true wellingtonian, a talented musician and the kind of person you definitely want at your dinner table.

one of the things i appreciate the most about zach is that he never fails to see the blessings, lessons and beauty in life. in situations where some would see the world as against them or themselves as a victim to something they can’t control zach grows wiser, stronger and his heart just opens more to people and the world.

if you ever get the chance to meet the guy, i am happy for you.

baby zach

we are also very lucky that zach, morgan and vin put together a video for this blog; showcasing some of the music they have been working on with each others support over the past wee while. it has never been shared to anyone outside of intimate gatherings and friends before in new zealand, so sit back and enjoy.



what is your full name?
zach ready.

how old are you?
32 years young.

where did you grow up and what was it like?
south wellington. centennial flats, on adelaide road in berhampore to be precise. the block of flats i lived in with my mum & bro was like a segregated mansion, with communal outdoor areas you shared with a village of people from different walks of life. our flat was tiny, mum always made sure it was cosy though, & outside, there was always a kid to play with or some old person to give some company to.

when you were a little boy, what did you want to be when you grew up?
probably an all black first, pro-skater second, & a hip-hop musician third.

what do you do now?
support the ab's, adore pro-skaters & do a little hip-hop on the side lol. i work events part-time in a managerial role & have some other things i'm working on at the moment as well, which i'll be more at liberty to speak on in the coming months.

what are you most proud of in your personal life and your work to date?
i don't mean to sound eats, but i'd have to simply say, becoming the man i am today. not sure if proud is the word either, i'm definitely grateful though. i wouldn't be that man without my lady em, mum, bro, family & friends. special shout out to henry, joe & rach, zaire & morgan, vin, an, of course, you and todd. getting to the top of mount kilimanjaro, running a marathon in the highly fashionable foot gloves, & some of my travels i guess are kind of notable too haha.


baby zach


how are you different than people perceive you?
like anyone, i probably struggle a lot more than those that aren't close to me realise. to quote alexandra elle though, "i am thankful for my struggle because, without it, i wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength.'

what was the happiest moment of your life?
probably around this time last year when i was baptised. i don't claim to belong to any religion or church, but i do believe in a higher power, pray, fellowship etc. & that's something i felt lead to do. i remember describing it as marrying my faith haha. it was in open waters during a perfect sunrise, on a scorching day in scorching bay. i was surrounded by a small group of family & friends. at the time, my lady was overseas, and when we got back to a friend's place for a post bappy feast, there was this massive bouquet of flowers she'd sent me as a surprise. that was a cherry on top for sure. 

what are you most excited for right now?

well speaking of the angel, probably catching up with em later in the year. we've been doing long distance for over a year now, so there's been a bit of back & forth. pretty pumped to showcase morgan, vin, & myself rapping through this i&i blog too. it'll be the first time since we've been working together that we've released any visuals of us doing our thing to the public. kind of hoping it might lead to supporting the other em while he's here in march. aye dreams are free right lol. oh & shout out to ethan for doing such a slick job with the video!

what is your biggest fear right now?
the o.g. always has been, always will.

who was the most influential person in your life and how did they influence you?

jesus. through his example.

& finally, what does beauty mean to you?

good question. as an example, i'd say, you know, beauty comes from within. it's someone being 100% themselves. real, honest, vulnerable & raw. there are almost 8 billion people on this planet, & when anyone is themselves, they're beautifully unique. so yeah, being yourself. that's one of the best examples of what beauty is to me.

you can find zach's music on spotify, apple music or via any of the following links:

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